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Access to market data any where at any time

Interactive web based dashboards give you and your teams secure access to all market data and enable you to make data-driven decisions at any where, and any time.

  • Web based platform
  • Credentials required
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Multi devices comparable
  • No technical skill required
  • Updated fund data

Reliable data source

We use original data from trusted and reliable sources and not via third-party data providers. The data is processed, organized before imported into the data warehouse for usage.

  • External data feeds
  • Internal data feeds
  • Other data feeds
  • Visualization
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Business Intelligence
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Open Ended Funds


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advisor dashboard

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Market Dashboards


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Functional Dashboards


Interactive Dashboard


Multi devices compatible

The dashboard platform can be used with multi devices like laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet.


Easy to use

The user just simply logs in by using credentials provided after membership registration.

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No IT skills required

The dashboard platforms are designed just for ready to use. Just simply logging in and starting using.

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Web based platform

By using a web based platform, there is not necessary for software installation on your devices.

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Ready design for presentation

The dashboard platform is designed just like a presentation slide. You can use it as meeting materials anytime.

advisor dashboard

Instant support

Technical support is available during your usage. Just simply raise a ticket and we will respond as soonest.


In-depth insight of Vietnam OEFs and ETFs data and effective monitor fund distribution

The fund managers can quickly update the market performance and detail change with just a few clicks anywhere, any time. Various market classified dashboards provide in-depth insight for product development, marketing and distribution strategy. Market dashboards comprise AUM Insight, Investor Insight, Distribution Insight and Portfolio Insight.


Depending on fund manager or distributor purpose and strategy, we provide tailor-made dashboard for monitoring business. You may have marketing dashboard , compliance dashboard, product development dashboard, distribution dashboard, digital distribution dashboard…All tailor-made dashboards can be connected with market database and in-house data to provide comparison between the company’s performance against market move. 

As a part of investor relation activities, the fund factsheet is a mandatory item that is normally prepared on a monthly basis. We provide a factsheet dashboard that comprises updating charts & graphs of market data and in-house fund data. So, the company can save a lot of time to prepare the factsheet. Simply copy and paste with charts and graphs, it may take just an hour to finish the report by input fund’s commentary only. 


Building a distribution management system from scratch may cost the company hundred thousand dollars and a year or more. Our distribution monitor dashboards comprises distribution central management dashboard, sub-branch dashboard and advisor dashboard provide consistency and compliance content across distribution channels. Distribution performance can be easily monitored and compared with market and other peers performance to adjust KPIs and/or distribution strategy. 


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