If you are working on Vietnam Mutual Fund and are looking for place where you can obtain information, monitor the market as well as single funds, you can check with our Dashboard Services.

All the market activities are classified into 4 dashboard group : Investor Insight, Distribution Insight, Portfolio Insight and

Investor insight
  • Includes a group of dashboards with information on changes in the number of investors holding Fund certificates. Change in the number of investors in the month, cumulative change by year.
  • Monitor activities of internal and external investors, 10 largest investors and retail investors, foreign and domestic investors
  • Number of Fund certificate holdings of each type of investor by month.
  • AUM value of each type of investor by month
  • Change the number of Fund certificates held, AUM value of each type of investor.
  • Investor’s cash flow
  • Information according to the whole market, by type of Fund and by each member fund.

  • The most effective way to monitor the distribution of Fund certificates of the whole market,  by type of Fund and of each member fund.
  • Subscription and Redemption of Fund certificates by month.
  • Net fund flow (buy value – sell value) for the month.
  • Activities of Subscription Redemption of foreign and domestic investors. 
  • Fund flow of foreign investors in the month.

  • Information on total asset value (AUM) of the fund of the whole market, fund size by type of Fund and size of each member fund.
  • Changes in AUM during the period and factors that change AUM
  • Cashflow and fundflow details
  • Changes in AUM by type of investor, change in ownership of foreign and domestic investors.


  • Including many dashboards to monitor investment activities of the whole market, of fund groups by type and of each member fund.
  • Monitor changes in portfolio structure by month.
  • Cash ratio at the end of the period
  • Value of the end-of-year portfolio structure
  • Change in the value of the investment property for the month.

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